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Harmonix Music is a videogame development company based in Cambridge, MA. Known worldwide for its addictive music games and groundbreaking design innovation, Harmonix was founded with a simple mission: To make the thrills of music-making accessible to non-musicians.

Our best-known games, Rock Band and Rock Band 2, have brought that mission to living rooms, garages and practice spaces around the world. A full-blown band simulation game that combines guitar, bass, drum and singing gameplay — as well as online multiplayer competition and co-op play — Rock Band and its sequel have become a true cultural phenomenon; hailed as "the ultimate music game" (Wired) and "the best party game ever made" (Time). On the magic date of September 9, 2009 Harmonix unveiled the hotly anticipated The Beatles: Rock Band, bringing history’s greatest band into the world of gaming for the first time.

"Everyone is born with an innate urge to make music. It’s one of the most profoundly joyful things in life," explains Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos. "Yet the challenges are such that few people really get that far. We thought that was a significant problem, and we set about exploring new ways to solve it. Our mission was to show non-musicians how it feels when you finally get to the other side. And hopefully, to inspire them to start making music the old-fashioned way."

For more information about Harmonix, visit www.harmonixmusic.com.

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