My leg gets really tired when I play drums in The Beatles: Rock Band. Any tips?

Good foot pedal technique is all about moving your foot as little as possible. Leave your foot resting on the pedal at all times. Once you’re comfortable with that, practice keeping your foot fully down after every hit. Make sure your stool or chair isn’t too low. You don’t want your knee to be higher than your hip in a resting position.

Where can I get cymbals?

Add on cymbals for your drum set are designed and sold by MadCatz.

How do I deploy Beatlemania? Where are the drum fills?

If you see a glowing crash note appear on the screen, that’s your cue to make the crowd go wild. Play the glowing crash note to use your Energy and trigger Beatlemania.

If you choose, you can also wait to build your Energy further before using it. To wait, simply avoid the glowing crash note. No matter what you do, you won’t break your streak.

NOTE: The glowing crash note is green for right-handed players and red for lefties.

How do I use the drum trainer?

Improve your playing in the Drum Trainer – it can even help you improve your drumming on a real kit. To begin, select “TRAINING” from the main menu, followed by “DRUM TRAINER.”

  1. Drum Lessons – Learn the fundamentals!
  2. Beatle Beats – Master some of Ringo’s classic rhythms!
  3. Freestyle Mode – Bang away to your own beat!
How do I keep my drum kit from sliding around?

First, try getting a little closer to the pedal. It moves less if you press down like tapping your foot, rather than pressing forward and away from your body. Putting something with some weight on the other side of the kit to prevent it from sliding works great too!

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