Guitar & Bass

I am new to music games. How do I use the guitar and bass?

Basics: Hold down the fret button that corresponds with the next note that will pass through the target.

As it passes, strum up or down on the Strum Bar to play the note.

To keep things simple, if you see several notes of the same color in a row, you can keep the correct fret button depressed and strum only when the note passes the target.

  1. When playing chords, you’ll need to play more than one note at the same time. Just press down the correct fret buttons simultaneously and strum when appropriate.
  2. Whammy Bar: To use the whammy bar, press it in towards the guitar, then pull it back up and repeat. Whammying during sustained Energy notes can help fill your Energy Meter faster so you can trigger Beatlemania.
  3. Hammer Ons & Pull Offs (HoPos): HoPos are smaller notes that can be triggered by pressing the frets without strumming. If you miss one in the sequence, you will need to return to strumming again.
  4. Sustains: Hold down the fret for sustains. You don’t need to hold down the strummer.
I’m having trouble triggering Beatlemania on the guitar.
  1. You may be holding the guitar too vertically. Try holding the guitar more horizontally.
  2. You may be holding the guitar with the face a bit upwards. The tilt sensor won’t work if the guitar is too flat.
  3. You may need to contact EA’s customer support. In the meantime, the Back / Select buttons also trigger Beatlemania.

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