What is The Beatles: Rock Band?

The Beatles: Rock Band showcases the greatest band in the world coming to the best video game music platform as an immersive playable experience. Up to six people can play together now with vocal harmonies, drums, guitar and bass. There are also six historic venues in the game along with specifically tailored dreamscapes attached to particular songs chronicling The Beatles’ career.

The Beatles: Rock Band presents the performing and recording career of the band as accurately as possible with a few changes to certain details in the service of making a game. These calls were made jointly with Paul, Ringo, Olivia, Yoko, and Apple Corps, and they weren’t made lightly.

What is downloadable content?

These are extra songs which are available to play on any instrument and in any game mode exclusively in The Beatles: Rock Band. We will be providing downloadable content frequently on the Xbox 360 through Xbox LIVE, on the PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Store, and on the Wii through the The Beatles: Rock Band Music Store for Wii.

How can I purchase downloadable content?

From the main menu, select “MUSIC STORE.” Songs are purchased through your console’s store and ready to play immediately after purchase.

How do I set up the game?

If you purchased the Special Edition Bundle for The Beatles: Rock Band, you should find the following things inside: the Höfner bass, the Ludwig drum kit, a microphone, a microphone stand, the game, and a warranty slip. This is important – remove the warranty slip first and put it somewhere safe. If something’s wrong with any of the hardware in your bundle, you’ll need the information on that slip to resolve the issue.

The microphone goes hand-in-hand with your console controller. You’ll need the controller to navigate the game and to adjust the settings for all the microphones.

The Höfner bass comes in three parts – the body, the headstock, and the strap. The headstock and body simply snap together. The strap can be attached to the metal pegs on the body of the guitar. You can install the included batteries via a panel in the back.

The drums consist of four parts – the stand, the legs, the drum unit, and the drum scrim. Fit the short metal pipes into the sockets of the plastic flanges to make the stand. Plug the long metal leg pipes into the holes in the stand. The drum unit fits on top and should be high enough for you to play without reaching up or stooping over – adjust the height by extending or collapsing the legs. The kick pedal snaps into the stand and plugs into the orange input jack in the rear of the drum unit. The scrim snaps onto the legs. You can install the included batteries via a panel underneath the drum unit.

If your wireless instruments come with USB dongles, plug these into the console’s USB ports, and plug the microphone into one of the free USB ports in the dongle for the Höfner bass.

There are lots of different ways to set up a band. How you set up yours depends on the number of instruments you have and how many people are going to play in a session. The Beatles: Rock Band can support up to six players, but you can also play alone or with one other person. If you need specific instructions on how to set up your ideal configuration, use this guide.

Once you’ve got all your instruments connected, turn on your console, insert your game disc, and get ready to play.

How do I unlock songs?

There are 44 songs unlocked from the get go. Completing Story Mode will unlock the final song.

What is the difference between the Xbox 360, Wii, & PlayStation 3 versions?

Each version of the game offers the same features and game play. The versions only work on the specific consoles they are designed for.

Do PlayStation 3 instruments work on the 360, and vice-versa?

Drums and guitars are console specific and are not cross-platform compatible; microphones work across platforms. For more information, visit

Can PlayStation 3 owners play against Xbox 360 owners?

Sadly, no.

Where can I buy individual instruments?

You can get individual guitars, drums and microphones for all platforms anywhere video games are sold.

I got my copy of The Beatles: Rock Band, but something’s not right with it. Can you help me?

For those of you having issues getting your The Beatles: Rock Band controllers to work, sometimes just restarting the game will do the trick. This will ensure that your controllers are connected and getting a proper signal. If one or more of your peripherals are still not working, check the batteries. A final option is to check the warranty site below which is designed to guide you through proper controller setup and, if necessary, get replacement gear out to you as soon as possible.

Phone: You can contact our automated phone system 24 hours a day for any and all warranty questions – US 1 (650) 628-1001
Mail: Electronic Arts Customer Warranty 9001 N I-35 Suite 110 Austin, TX 78753

Which instruments are compatible with my The Beatles: Rock Band software?

All Rock Band and most Guitar Hero controllers and microphones work with The Beatles: Rock Band software. For a detailed list of what hardware is compatibile visit

Which games are compatible with my The Beatles: Rock Band instruments?

All of the instruments are cross-compatible between the original Rock Band, Rock Band 2, and The Beatles: Rock Band. For more information on cross compatibility, visit

What is story mode?

Experience the story of The Beatles firsthand. Play your first gig in the Cavern Club, tour the world, and explore new musical landscapes in the studio and beyond.

I keep failing out – help!

Here are a few tips to get you on track: check your instrument calibration, try training modes to improve, turn on No Fail mode, and play on Easy for automatic No Fail.

Can I export my tracks?

The Beatles: Rock Band tracks are exclusive to the game and are not exportable. Conversely, Rock Band and Rock Band 2 songs are not importable into The Beatles: Rock Band.

The timing of the game seems to be off. What do I do?
  1. Some TVs, especially high-end TVs, have trouble keeping the audio and video in sync with each other. In other words, the audio and video aren’t playing at the exact same time. You probably wouldn’t even notice this when watching a movie or TV, but if you’re trying to play a rhythm-based video game, it will be VERY noticeable and problematic. If it seems as though you’re hitting all the notes correctly but the game says that you’re not, you may need to try calibrating. Calibration can re-synchronize the video and audio.
  2. Before you start calibrating, check to make sure that your console is running at the highest resolution your TV supports. If there are component or HDMI inputs, use those to connect your game system. This is important. Using composite cables with a high definition TV will result in worse lag, as the TV buffers up some of the video to perform filtering on it. Then check the console’s available resolutions, and set them as high as your screen can handle.
  3. Next, check your TV for something called a “Game Mode” setting. If available, this sets your TV to the lowest possible lag. You may have to dig around in your manual to find it. Not all TVs have this option.
  4. Now you’re ready to calibrate. Go into The Beatles: Rock Band and select “CALIBRATE SYSTEM” from the “Options” menu. Follow the instructions provided by the game. Now go back and try your new settings in the game – This should work most of the time, but different television brands do have different lag times. If the timing still seems off, try going back into Calibrate System and select “CALIBRATE MANUALLY.” Again, the game will instruct you from here.
  5. Adjust Audio/Video sync. This will determine how far apart the sound effects and the visual display are on your system. Move the slider to the left and right until the little icon is passing through the target at the exact same time that you hear the accompanying sound effect. This can be tricky, so sometimes it helps to move the slider way out to the right, figure out where on screen you hear the click, and then move the slider back to that point.
  6. Lag Compensation. This figures out how long it takes between when you send input to the system and when the system receives it. You should try the auto compensation first, before attempting this manually. Strum, drum, or hit a button as the icon crosses the target in the middle of the screen. If that still feels off, you can adjust that number up or down a little bit with the manual option.
  7. Overscan. If you’ve got black borders around your TV (where it doesn’t seem like the game image is taking up as much of the screen as it should) check this option to enlarge the game image. Checking or unchecking the overscan box won’t affect your sync at all; it’s just an aesthetic thing.

Okay, you’re done! If it still feels off, just go back and try playing around with the variables manually until you find something that “feels” right. In extreme cases, try going through an external audio source or turning off Dolby Digital® 5.1. We have yet to find a TV setup this won’t work for.

How does auto-calibration work?

Select “CALIBRATE SYSTEM” from the “Options” menu. If you have The Beatles: Rock Band wireless guitar controller or another guitar controller with an automatic calibration device, select “CALIBRATE AUTOMATICALLY.” You can also calibrate manually by selecting “CALIBRATE MANUALLY” or “ENTER CALIBRATION NUMBERS.”

How can I make my auto-calibration work better?

Auto-calibration, like rock music, works best in the dark. Try turning the lights in the room down or off. Also make sure to hold your Rock Band 2 guitar controller as close to the TV or speakers as possible without touching.

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