You can play the game with any drum kit that was made for The Beatles: Rock Band, Rock Band, or Rock Band 2, as well as many other drum peripherals. In fact we’ve even created a compatibility chart to help you figure out exactly which hardware works with the game. The illustration below shows the controls for the limited edition Ludwig kit, but all drum controllers have the same basic set of controls.


  • The drum kit consists of a set of four color-coded pads (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) and a kick pedal (Orange). When a song begins, you’ll see a series of colored notes come streaming toward you on the note track. Use your drumsticks to hit the pads that correspond to the colored notes as they cross the target at the bottom of the track. You’ll know you’ve successfully hit a note because you’ll hear it play correctly in the song and stars will burst from the colored note as it crosses over the target.
  • Press your foot down on the kick pedal when you see wide, orange notes cross the target at the bottom of the track.
  • Important Note: If you run out of USB ports while connecting Rock Band USB-compatible peripherals, you can use any USB hub to add more.

On Screen


  • Hit the drum pad that matches the rhythm note you see as it crosses the target at the bottom of the screen.
  • The wide orange notes are for the kick pedal – step on the kick pedal when these notes cross the target.
  • Tip: Before heading onstage you might want to master the drums in the Tutorials. Select TRAINING from the main menu.


  • As you play through a song, you’ll build up Energy, which helps you increase your score. Your Energy Meter is visible just below the target area on the note track. Build up your Energy Meter to at least half-full, and you can send the crowd into Beatlemania. Once in Beatlemania, you can feed off the crowd’s energy, rack up some serious points, and even save your bandmate!
  • If you see a glowing crash note (green for right handed players, red for left handed players) appear on the screen, that’s your cue to make the crowd go wild. Before these notes appear, the note lane will flash for a few seconds as a heads-up. Play the glowing crash note to use your Energy and trigger Beatlemania.
  • If you choose, you can also wait to build your Energy further before using it. To wait, simply avoid the glowing crash note. No matter what you do, you won’t break your streak.

The Performance Meter

  • The performance meter is the vertical bar along the left of the screen. You can tell how well your band is performing based on the location of the instrument icons that slide up and down its surface. Play too many wrong notes, and your icon will slip into the red – if it drops to the bottom, your song will end early.
  • Note: If you play in Easy difficulty, or if you’ve turned on No-Fail Mode, then you can reach the bottom of the Performance Meter without penalty.

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