Connect up to three microphones and sing your heart out! Just make sure you take care of the following first:

  1. You must have a microphone to sing. Check your game manual to see what microphones will work with your console.
  2. If your microphone does not have built-in control buttons (if you don’t know what this means, chances are you don’t have a mic with built-in control buttons), you must also have a controller connected to your console in order to navigate the menus and set up the game.
  3. If you’ve got an Xbox 360, you will need to update your console in order to use three USB microphones simultaneously. If you are not connected to Xbox LIVE, please go here for more information.

On Screen

The Basics

  • When the song starts, lyrics will begin to flow across the screen from right to left. Sing the words as they pass through the bar on the left side of the screen. Follow along with the note guides.


  • Each microphone you connect has its own Pitch Indicator, which displays the pitch you’re singing. If a song is out of your range you can always sing an octave higher or lower. As long as you’re singing the right note, you’ll do fine.
  • Tip: Watch the Pitch Indicator. If you don’t know a song, you can try to wing it by guessing until the Pitch Indicator lines up with the note guide.

Mic Check Panel

The Mic Check Panel shows you which microphones are connected and which Pitch Indicator is tied to each microphone

Unpitched parts

  • These parts won’t affect your score, but sing along with the printed lyrics for the most authentic experience.

Singing in Harmony

  • The Beatles: Rock Band lets up to three singers lend their distinct harmonies to a song. A song can have up to three vocal parts, and each part has its own differently colored Note Guides and Part Meter. There are also separate lyrics for lead (blue) and harmony (orange) parts.
  • Anyone can sing any part at any time, and only one part has to be sung well in order to fill the Streak Meter. If everyone sings well, you can earn “Double Fab” and “Triple Fab” phrase ratings for bonus points.
  • Note: Each singer must have his or her own microphone to sing a part, but all singers share a single Xbox 360 Controller.

Volume Control

  • You can control how much – or how little – you hear yourself during a song using the buttons on your controller. Check your game manual to find out how to set the volume levels for your particular console.


  • As you play through a song, you’ll build up Energy, which helps you increase your score. Your Energy Meter is visible just below the target area on the note track. Build up your Energy Meter to at least half-full, and you can send the crowd into Beatlemania. Once in Beatlemania, you can feed off the crowd’s energy, rack up some serious points, and even save your bandmate!
  • When you see a special glowing phrase, sing those sections as accurately as you can and you’ll gain Energy and fill your Energy Meter.
  • To use your Energy, look for special lit-up yellow sections between your lyrics – called Freestyle Sections – and shout or sing loudly (something other than what you’re supposed to sing) to go into Beatlemania.

The Performance Meter

  • The performance meter is the vertical bar along the left of the screen. You can tell how well your band is performing based on the location of the instrument icons that slide up and down its surface. Play too many wrong notes and your icon slips into the red – if it drops to the bottom, your song will end early.
  • Note: If you play in Easy difficulty, or if you’ve turned on No-Fail Mode, then you can reach the bottom of the Performance Meter without penalty.

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