Opening the Box

  1. If you purchased the Special Edition Bundle for The Beatles: Rock Band, you should find the following things inside: the Höfner bass, the Ludwig drum kit, a microphone, a microphone stand, the game, and a warranty slip.
  2. This is important – remove the warranty slip first and put it somewhere safe. If something’s wrong with any of the hardware in your bundle, you’ll need the information on that slip to resolve the issue.
  3. The microphone goes hand-in-hand with your console controller. You’ll need the controller to navigate the game, and to adjust the settings for all the microphones.
  4. The “Höfner” bass comes in three parts – the body, the headstock, and the strap. The headstock and body simply snap together. The strap can be attached to the metal pegs on the body of the guitar. You can install the included batteries via a panel in the back.
  5. The drums consist of four parts – the stand, the legs, the drum unit, and the drum scrim. Fit the short metal pipes into the sockets of the plastic flanges to make the stand. Plug the long metal leg pipes into the holes in the stand. The drum unit fits on top and should be high enough for you to play without reaching up or stooping over – adjust the height by extending or collapsing the legs. The kick pedal snaps into the stand and plugs into the orange input jack in the rear of the drum unit. The scrim snaps onto the legs. You can install the included batteries via a panel underneath the drum unit.
  6. If your wireless instruments come with USB dongles, plug these into the console’s USB ports, and plug the microphone into one of the free USB ports in the dongle for the Höfner bass.

Setting Up Your Band

There are lots of different ways to set up a band. How you set up yours depends on the number of instruments you have and how many people are going to play in a session. The Beatles: Rock Band can support up to six players, but you can also play alone or with one other person.

You may have wired or wireless instrument controllers and microphones, or some combination of the two. Use this guide to figure out how to set up your controllers for your game console.

Once you’ve got all your instruments connected, turn on your console, insert your game disc, and get ready to play.

Starting Up The Game

NOTE: If you have no instrument connected and your microphone does not have built-in control buttons, you must also have a controller connected in order to navigate the menus and set up the game.

When you get to the main menu in the game, you’ll see the following options:

  • Quickplay
  • Story
  • Training
  • Options
  • Extras
  • Music Store

The two options you’ll use most frequently are Quickplay or Story Mode. Want to jump straight to your favorite Beatles songs? Quickplay lets you navigate through The Beatles’ library and pick the perfect songs for your session. For a richer narrative, and several pieces of rewarding memorabilia, use Story Mode to experience the entire career of The Beatles, from the first gig in The Cavern all the way to Abbey Road Studios and beyond.

About Story Mode

In Story Mode, the larger-than-life career of The Beatles is recreated and ready to play. If you’re playing with friends in the same room, Choose LOCAL STORY. If you want to connect with players online, choose ONLINE or Xbox LIVE STORY.

Next you’ll see the SELECT A STORY screen. This is where you’ll be able to create, select, or delete a story save file. If it’s your first time playing, the screen will likely show several options that all say “empty.” Just select one of the empty slots and follow the instructions to set up a story save file. When you do this, you’ll be sent to a venue to start your story.

During an ONLINE/Xbox LIVE STORY, you can use “Join an ONLINE/Xbox LIVE Story” to help someone else complete their story.

Play through landmark chapters in The Beatles’ history to unlock further venues and songs. Play exceptionally well, and you can unlock rare photos and movies from the Apple Corps archives.

About Quickplay

Quickplay lets you get right to the music. For song selection in Solo/Band Quickplay, you can either select one song to play, build a setlist, or have the game select a random song for you.

Solo/Band Quickplay

From the Quickplay menu, select SOLO/BAND QUICKPLAY to experience The Beatles on your own or to come together as a group!

If you’re playing with friends in the same room, Choose LOCAL QUICKPLAY. If you want to connect with players online, choose ONLINE or Xbox LIVE QUICKPLAY.

Online Quickplay

Online/Xbox LIVE Quickplay lets you play your favorite Beatles songs with fans everywhere. For more information about ONLINE/Xbox LIVE QUICKPLAY, please refer to your game manual, which has specific instructions for your console.

Navigating the Menus

For the Xbox 360

To navigate the menus using the controller, use the left analog stick or the directional button to highlight an option and press the green “A” button to open its submenu or to confirm. To back out of an option, press the red “B” button.

For the PlayStation 3

To navigate the menus using the controller, move the left stick or the directional buttons to highlight an option and press the X button to open its submenu or to confirm. To back out of an option, press the circle button.

For the Wii

To navigate the menus using the Wii remote, press the +Control Pad up/down to highlight an option and then press the A Button open its submenu option or to confirm. To back out of an option, press the trigger on the bottom of the remote also known as the B Button.

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